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Published on February 11th, 2015 | by Thomas Ritchie


Red Robin Chophouse burger was OK, but the fries rocked

red robin prime chophouse burger The best way to describe the Prime Chophouse burger at Red Robin restaurant is this: I had to eat it with a fork. Honestly, it wasn’t that big a sandwich, but it sure was messy. With what seemed like a pound of messy toppings, I took a bite of this burger and it fell like it might fall apart, so I grabbed a knife and fork. So first the good about this burger. I loved the horseradish flavored grilled mushrooms. The horsey sauce was a nice touch that I don’t recall ever having at a burger joint. The Provolone and country dijon offered nice flavor. They were rounded out by the onion bun, which was fine, but lacked taste. And best of all were the onion straws, which have come to be a staple on the non-trad burger at many restaurants - chain or otherwise. I’m OK with that. In fact, they should all have onion straws. Just saying’. Where I think this burger could have used a little oomph was the meat itself. The burger was a little small, and seemed almost hidden in this mess of toppings and condiments. That’s not all bad if you’re a fan of the extras. But I figure if I’m paying $10 large for a burger, let me at least savor the burger itself. Again, not a huge complaint as this sandwich was pretty flavorful overall. Have I had better local burgers? Mike’s Saloon and Jim’s Burgers came up in discussion as we finished this fire-grilled lunch. But to each his own. What I won’t complain about is the fries. If you’re a fan of big steak fries, then Red Robin is perfect. My order came with an unending tray of fries, each doused in Red Robin’s own seasoning, which is spectacular. In fact, that easing made the fries taste special - not too potatoey. I’d recommend just getting fries here if that’s your thing. One final note: I appreciate the huge array of burgers that Red Robin offers. I think they’ve laid out a diverse option of meat, toppings and breads. I could barely decide where to start. That being said, I think their prices a bit on the high side for some burgers. I’ll admit that the $10.49 does include that unending fry basket - and that made all the difference. As I said, I’ve had local burgers that cost half as much and were worth bragging about. My Prime Chophouse burger? Eh - tasty, but kind of a wanna be. There are three Red Robin burger joints in Omaha - find them here.

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