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Published on March 14th, 2016 | by Thomas Ritchie


Pixies tribute band Surfer Rosa to play Waiting Room Friday

If you can't beat em, join em. Or so goes the thinking of a number of Omaha tribute acts. There are numerous local musicians dedicated to playing hits and popular B-sides from their favorite bands: Tool performed by Saturn Ascends, AC/DC as performed by Shoot to Thrill, REM, as staged by REModeled and the list goes on. Beatles, Pearl Jam and John Denver all have bands playing in their name. And then there's Surfer Rosa, Omaha's answer to the Pixies. Sure, I've seen the Pixies a few times - back in the Quad Cities in 1989 and again on a reunion tour in Minneapolis in the mid 2000s, and nothing beats them live. Thing is, I could never get enough of that raw energy, those wailing vocals, the speed at which Black Francis and company could take a song right off a cliff and recover just seconds before smashing into the next guitar riff. I could take that all in again and again. This Friday, locals have a chance to hear Surfer Rosa serve up '80s and '90s alt favorites. If you've never seen their live set, you're missing out, fans say. "Buckle up Pixies fans... you're in for an amazing sonic journey. Surfer Rosa is as close as you can get to the real thing. Frank and company would be proud." That's according to Kevin P. Simonson, writer, and a co-editor of "Conversations with Hunter S. Thompson." So for a band who's been around for a while, but hasn't graced a stage in some time, why now? "Because The Waiting Room Lounge asked us, that's why. This will be the debut of our new bass player Jessica Errett. Kim Deal with it!" the band posted this month on its Facebook page. More enthusiastic remarks about the band, courtesy of Facebook: "Omaha has spawned quite a slew of quality tribute bands to several great classic artists. One of the better is a Pixies tribute, Surfer Rosa. ... Awesome, fun, true to form, and the quality you'd expect from any group of musicians ballsy enough to play songs by The Pixies!" wrote Oliver Morgan of Little Brazil. I could add my two cents here, but Oliver said it much more succinctly. Plus, I've never had the pleasure of experiencing Surfer Rosa live. With any luck that will change Friday night. Surfer Rosa and Radiohead Tribute act Karma Police play the Waiting Room on Friday.  Tickets are just $7 - buy them here.  Photo: Surfer Rosa Facebook page  

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