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Published on July 30th, 2015 | by Thomas Ritchie


From a jalapeno jam comes a sandwich

We recently found a simple delight that was spurred by a visit to the Farmer’s Market. We bought a raspberry jalapeno jam and decided that its destiny was not just for measly morning toast. Its flavor was such that it had a higher calling. So what to do with a sandwich that starts with a specialty jam? First, we figured that we could take a ham sandwich to the next level, and that’s what we did. Like a hot ham and cheese, we started by buttering the bread and popping it in a hot pan. I use a cast iron pan, but you can use any skillet. Then we threw on sliced ham that was lightly seared in the pan. Instead of provolone of cheddar, we chose fresh mozzarella choose. The thick slices tasted fresh and delicious, and melted perfectly on the hot ham. Finally, we topped it with grilled onions to add a sweet crunch to the sandwich. Mmm, my favorite. Then a healthy spread of the raspberry jalapeno jam and it was a meal. The thing about the jam on this sandwich is that while it’s only a condiment, it really was the center of the meal. Most Farmer's Markets have a number of vendors who carry dozens of variations of jam, and there’s likely another creative sandwich to be made from each of them. Popping with flavor and freshness, this sandwich won’t soon be forgotten. We’re now trying it with other meat and greens variations, and are eager to try another flavor soon. What creative things have you made from Farmer’s Market foods?

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