Published on January 13th, 2016 | by Thomas Ritchie


Omaha on Fortune list of great entrepreneurial cities

It’s a rare day when Omaha ranks above Silicon Valley for anything related to entrepreneurship. But that’s what happened this month when Fortune magazine added our no-coast city to a list of great alternatives to the Silicon Valley startup scene. On the Silicon Prairie, local startups and economic leaders know the region is ripe for new business and emerging companies, and now our coastal counterparts appear to be taking note. Here's what the story said about Omaha: "With a low cost of living and proximity to several Fortune 500 companies, Omaha has dubbed itself “Silicon Prairie,” according to CNN Money. There is also a Nebraska Advantage tax-incentive structure that makes starting up cost-friendly for small businesses. Finding mentors here should also be a much more accessible feat. You might even land Warren Buffett." Read the complete story here, titled 5 Startup Cities better than Silicon Valley The list is impressive, and places Omaha between Dubai and Bangalore - two startup hotbeds. So now the secret is out.  

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